Pet QR code ID bands linking to owner's contact details

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Peace of Mind for all Pet Parents

At IdentiFur, we're passionate about keeping your pets safe and sound.

That's why we've developed a unique, reliable, and easy-to-use pet identification system that ensures your pets can easily be reconnected with you should they ever get lost.

Anyone with a phone can scan the QR band without the need for a microchip scanner, making it accessible to everyone.

IdentiFur is membership based and the annual subscription gives you peace of mind that we've got you covered over the long term.



Our battery-free QR code technology enables lost pets to be identified, without worrying about power issues.



Our super-strong, waterproof bands seamlessly slide over your pet's collar, so there’s no chance of them falling off.



When your pet is found and the tag is scanned you'll get a notification of the finder's contact details and their location.



Our membership system prioritises the security and privacy of your information, ensuring it remains safe and accessible only when necessary.


Why Choose IdentiFur?

With an IdentiFur membership, you're choosing more than just a product; you're investing in unmatched security for your furry family.

Our dedication to their safety and happiness is what drives our design, and what we do.

Delve deeper into the highlights of what we offer and learn why we stand out in catering to every pet owner's needs.

Our pets being lost is stressful enough in the first place. So having a simple, easy to use system in place removes any further complications. Those who find a lost pet, simply need to scan the QR code on the collar band and the system does the rest by connecting you.

With IdentiFur, you'll receive the location of your pet when they are found, providing an added layer of security and reassurance. When someone scans the QR code on your pet's band, they can share their location from their device, allowing you to know exactly where your pet was found. This feature not only helps you verify the contact but also makes the process of reuniting with your pet even more efficient and stress-free.

IdentiFur allows pet owners to create comprehensive profiles for their pets, including important details such as medical conditions, allergies, vaccination status, and behavioural traits. This ensures that anyone who finds a lost pet will have access to critical information, enabling them to provide appropriate care and attention.

Our QR bands are super strong, robust and waterproof. The slide design means they seamlessly slide over your dogs existing collar, so they can’t fall off no matter how active your dog is.

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IdentiFur. Where innovation meets compassion in the world of pet care. Our mission is simple: to provide a quick and secure way to reunite lost pets with their owners, all thanks to the simplicity of our  QR bands.

We are a dedicated team of pet lovers, dog trainers and tech enthusiasts who are passionate about ensuring that lost pets can be swiftly and safely reunited with their owners.

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